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ЛТЗ 155
ЛТЗ-155 трактор мощностью 150 л.с.




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# GrandTournament » 20.02.2018 05:03

Good daywith turnir.grand-casino.coca.bz/.. ./... !
Winter has occur and Now we have geared up gifts to suit your needs:
$ 2700 - the prize fund! two 700 $ prizes!
$ 1000 - initial position prize!

Here is whatever they say about us and a few opinions:

youtu.be/cV3a_63cHVg - grand falls casino

Terms and procedures of tournament:
- The player will get immediately into Event desk and will become It is really participant no matter if this bet wins or no.
- For profitable in tournament It's a necessity to help make the maximum quantity of bets.
- If two or more members hold the identical bets sum, the higher position takes who acquired it initially.
- A desk shows: spot within the Event, login of every participant and the result of bet amount of money.
- The column «Prize» has two formats of prizes: the main for all players, the 2nd for Vip players.
- Bonus prizes are accrued with wager 35 for all players and thirty for Vip gamers.

Best regards, grand-casino.coca.bz/grand/
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